New Mexico
Bull and Heifer Sale

Saturday, March 4, 2017
Roswell, NM

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New Mexico Angus & Hereford Ass'n Sale

The New Mexico Angus Association (NMAA) and the New Mexico Hereford Association (NMHA) will hold its annual consignment sale of registered Bulls, Heifers and Cows at the Roswell Livestock Auction in Roswell, New Mexico on March 1, 2014. Listed below are the guidelines adopted by the NMAA/NMHA sale committee.

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  1. Animal Age and Registration criteria
  2. Annual Dues Payment
  3. Entry Fees for Bulls and Females
  4. Transfer of Registration
  5. Receipt of Entry Tag and Ear Tag Distribution
  6. Clean up Responsibility
  7. Testing
  8. Minimum Weight Guidelines
  9. Sale Order
  10. Arrival Time
  11. Advertising
  12. Substitutions
  13. Financial Matters

1. Animal Age and Registration criteria

The NMAA/NMHA sale will include registered bulls, cows, open and bred heifers and pairs, as well as commercial heifers. Only bulls calved between January 1, 2011 and April 30, 2013 will be accepted as consignments of the sale. Since this is a production sale of members, all bulls consigned to this sale must have been the property of the consignors at the time of birth or bought as a calf with a cow (as a pair) from a NMAA/NMHA member and have papers transferred within 90 days. Only registered bulls will be accepted.

Females consigned to this sale must be less than 6 years of age by the first Saturday in March of the year of the sale. All bred females must be bred by a registered bull of same breed and must be pregnancy checked by a licensed vet or other certified qualified person.Information about the pregnancy check should be brought to the sale.

Commercial heifers are welcome and will be sold at the end of the sale.

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2. Annual Dues Payment

Each consignor must be a member of the NMAA or NMHA with annual dues paid to date. If your dues have not been paid, please include them with your entry fees with a separate check.

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3. Entry Fees for Bulls and Females

Fees for bulls are $50 per bull and $35 per registered female or pair. There is no entry fee for commercial heifers. All paperwork (Breed registration and completed entry form) must be postmarked by December 15, 2013. Late entries will be returned and will not be entered in the sale. Fees are non-refundable on all animals entered in the catalog. Entry fees and dues may be sent with all paperwork to the following address for the catalog preparation:

c/o Radale Tiner
3707 Marielene
College Station, Texas 77845


A registered animal entry will be considered “OFFICIAL” upon receipt of a photocopy of each animal’s registration certificate.  Original registration certificates or handwritten copies are not acceptable. No animal will be considered “OFFICIALLY” entered into the sale until entry fee is paid and a copy of the registration certificate is received. Entries will be processed generally in the order in which they are received, with consideration given for layout of the catalog and advertisements, therefore it is to your advantage to get your entries in early.

Entries of registered bulls is limited to 6 bulls, however we would like to have at least 100 bulls in the sale, so if you have more that you would like to consign, please indicate so and how many on the registration/entry form.  Once the initial entries are received and we have a better idea of the numbers we can then possibly allow additional animals to be consigned. Females are not limited.

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4. Transfer of Registration

It will be the responsibility of the consignor to transfer the registration papers of their animals to the new owners within 60 days of the sale. FAILURE TO TRANSFER PAPERS TIMELY MAY RESULT IN NOT BEING ALLOWED TO CONSIGN ANIMALS IN THE FUTURE!

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5. Receipt of entry tag and ear tag distribution

As entries are received they will be cataloged generally in the order of receipt, depending on spacing in the catalog, and each consignor will be sent an ear tag corresponding to a lot number, for each lot entered. It is the consignor’s responsibility to see that these special ear tags are placed in the left or right ear of each animal, prior to coming to the sale. Ear tags other than these designated will not be accepted. Tattoos may be checked at time of arrival.

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6. Roswell Livestock Auction will be responsible for clean up.

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7. Testing

All bulls will pass a Standard Breeding exam and “Trich” test administered by a licensed Vet. TB test and Brucellosis test for bulls and females will be required if necessary for your county or to move across state lines. Please check with your local brand inspectors for requirements for your county. Papers from all tests to be brought to sale. Pi BVD testing is recommended, but not required at this time. AM/NH/CA/M1 tests will be required for any animals that are potential carriers.

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8. Minimum Weight Guidelines

Each consignor should carefully select his or her entry. With the following criteria: structural soundness, breed character, weight for age, conformation and body condition and E P Ds. The weight and condition of the bulls will be dependent on both genetics and environmental factors. Bulls thin in condition usually sell at a lower price than genetically comparable bulls in better condition. Therefore, it would be advantageous to have your bulls in better condition at the time of sale. Take time to treat your animals for grubs and any other unsightly external blemishes, which gives your animals an unsightly appearance. Some minimum weight requirements that were adopted by the sale committee are as follows on the attached sheet:

Bulls may be weighed upon arrival at the sale at the discretion of the sale committee. Bulls not meeting the minimum weight requirements as indicated on the attached list will not be allowed to sell and will be removed from the display area. Marketing of these bulls to buyers coming to the sale will be prohibited. Please weigh your bulls ahead of time before hauling them to Roswell if you are not sure they will meet weight requirements.

Any bulls not meeting these requirements will not be allowed to sell.

The New Mexico Angus Association and New Mexico Hereford Association reserve the right to disqualify an entry due to a rule(s) infringement. Rules listed 1-13. Any disqualified animal must be removed from the sale yard within 2 hours of notice. Failure to comply could result in disqualification of remaining entries.

Minimum Weight Requirements for bulls:

10 months (Born April 2013)--------- 800  lbs
11 months (Born March 2013)--------850  lbs
12 months (Born February 2013)-----900  lbs
13 months (Born January 2013)------950  lbs
14 months (Born Dec. 2012)----------1000  lbs
15 months (Born Nov 2012)-----------1050  lbs
16 months (Born Oct. 2012)----------1100  lbs
17 months (Born Sept. 2012)---------1150  lbs
18 months (Born Aug 2012)-----------1200  lbs
19 months (Born Jul 2012)------------1233  lbs
20 months (Born June 2012)----------1266  lbs
21 months (Born May 2012)-----------1300  lbs
22 months (Born April 2012)----------1333  lbs
23 months (Born Mar. 2012)---------- 1366  lbs
24 months (Born Feb. 2012)---------- 1400  lbs
25 months (Born Jan. 2012)-----------1433  lbs
26 months (Born Dec. 2011)-----------1466  lbs
27 months (Born Nov. 2011)-----------1500  lbs
28 months (Born Oct. 2011)-----------1533  lbs
29 months (Born Sep. 2011)-----------1566  lbs
30 months (Born Aug. 2011)-----------1600  lbs
31 months (Born July 2011)------------1633  lbs
32 months (Born June 2011)-----------1666  lbs
33 months (Born May 2011)------------1700  lbs
34 months (Born Apr. 2011)------------1733  lbs
35 months (Born Mar. 2011)------------1766  lbs
36 months (Born Jan/Feb 2011)-------1800  lbs

These weights listed will be the weight required at arrival – No shrink adjustment will be calculated – Please be aware that animals will shrink 3-5% of their weight when hauling them.

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9. Sale Order

The sale order for this joint sale will be Angus bulls in the order they were graded regardless of age followed by Hereford bulls in the order they were graded regardless of age then Angus Females, Hereford females, and commercial females.

A sifting committee or individual to be determined will set the sale order. Bulls will be sold first, followed by bred heifers, open heifers, pairs, cows, and commercial heifers.

Any bull without an EPD will automatically be placed after those with an EPD at the end of the sale in the order they were graded.

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10. Arrival Time

All animals consigned to the sale can begin arriving on Thursday afternoon, February 27, 2014 until 9 pm.  Animals should be in place by 9 am Friday February 28, 2014. Any animal arriving after the sifting committee has finished will sell at the end of the sale. There will be an ice-breaker on Friday night, time and place to be announced.

When checking in, tattoos may be checked along with the calfhood vaccination tags.

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11. Advertising

We plan to advertise in the New Mexico Stockman, The Livestock weekly in San Angelo and the Clovis Livestock Market News.

You can also place an ad in the Sale Catalog - Advertising cost:

Full page ad $300
Half page ad $200
¼ page ad $100
1/8 page ad $60
Picture of bull or sire (1/8 page) - $20 each

Only Individual EPDs will be printed in the catalog.

If you would like to add comments for your individual entries in the catalog, you will need e-mail a digital copy with a brief TYPED description – limit of 50 words – to describe the animal or other pertinent information about your entry that might help it sell. Type the registration number of the animal you are describing at the top of the page in case the sheets get mixed up. Submit e-mail entries to

If you would like to include a picture of an individual animal or reference sire, please indicate so on your entry form and e-mail a picture in JPEG format to by 12-15-2013, along with the registration number to associate the picture to. There will be an additional cost of $20 per picture inserted into the catalog. Photos may be limited when catalog layout is determined.

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12. Substitutions

Substitutions are strongly discouraged, as we want the catalog to represent accurately the cattle that will be at the auction, however there may be instances where an animal does not pass a test or meet weight guidelines or other uncontrollable issue. In these instances ONE substitution will be allowed. No matter the number of bulls entered by one consigner only one bull can be substituted total. It will be up to the consignor to provide flyers with correct pedigree information to potential buyers as the catalog will already be printed.

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13. Financial Matters

There will not be a floor price set by the NMAA/NMHA for any of the animals going through the sale ring. It is the responsibility of the individual consigners to “protect” or make sure their animals meet their minimum sales price if any. Sale expenses will be based on the price sold for in the ring.

If you have any questions you can contact the following sale committee members:

Candy Trujillo 480.208.1410 Angus Association
Mark Larranaga 505.850.6684 Angus Association
Claude Gion 505.220.0549 Angus and Hereford Association

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